Student Showcase

In their explorations of languages and cultures from around the world, our students create extraordinary things: paintings, videos, translations, websites, infographics and more! This page is dedicated to celebrating and archiving their achievements.

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Special Highlight

  • cover

    Conference report publication byDFL Student of the Year, Madi Siegler

    "Overcoming Skill-Specific Language Learning Anxiety: Research-Based Tools." by Dr. Brian Olovson and Madi Seilger, Room for All at the Table: 2020 Report of the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, edited by Brigid M. Burke


Traveling to Chinese Cities and Regions


By Michelle Yeh, CHIN 2002

By Brianna Hogan and Sophie Oyinloye, CHIN 2002


Illustrations & Paintings

  • Illustration of Le Petit prince. Erin Green, FREN 1001
  • "Tu es là" by Opal Sivan, FREN 1001
  • "J'ai rendez-vous avec la mort" (A. Seeger), illustrated by Gerard Hoffman, FREN 1002
  • "Untitled" by David Engle, FREN 1002
  • "Napoleon" by Bryan Davis, FREN 1001

Poems & Songs

"Ode to Frites" by Bonnie Brown, FREN 1002

"La Vie en Rose" (E. Piaf)
Performed by Alexandra Abdalla, FREN 1001

"Quand je vais dehors..."
by Haley Combs, FREN 1002

"Demain, dès l'aube" (V. Hugo)
Read by William Palmer, FREN 1002

"Liberté" (P. Éluard)
Read by Raymond Strikas, FREN 1001



"Un long dimanche des intertextes"
by Kwame Akuffo (FREN 4499)

"Un long dimanche des intertextes" by Dixie Boston (FREN 4499)


English Translations of Korean Children's Stories

"Daughters Are Great" (I. Chae) translated by Amina King

"The Beast the Grows Flowers in its Heart" (Y. Lee) translated by Anna Sagraves

"The Earthworm" (B-K Cha), translated by Chelsie Culp

"I Am the Owner of Myself (excerpt)" (I. Chae) translated by India Lawrence

"A Crooked Granny" (J. Kwon) translated by Jazie Allen-Miller

"I Will Grow It" (Hae-song Ma) translated by Jessica Bolson

"Waiting for Mom: 'Is Mom Not Coming?'" (T. Lee) translated by Lisset Ramirez

"Don't Get Angry, but Speak Nicely" (M. Ahn) translated by Macy Briley

"The Fox Book" (J. Gu) translated by Paris Johnson

Korean Translations of International Children's Stories


COVID Posters

Original Love Poems

"El amor" by Peton Gibson

"Es sencillo" by Juliana Kreuger

"La Locura" by Jared Larger

"Las Etapas de Vida" by Hannah Roberston

"Mi amor" by Beth Williams

"Mi mejor amigo" by Reese Elia

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